WritersPerHour.com Review

WritersPerHour.com Review

I didn’t have a good first impression of this website. The design is too plain. It looks like someone’s high-school projects.

The content on the website, on the other hand, is overly complex. The sentences are endless. Here’s an example: “Our team of highly skilled writers are experts in a wide range of subjects and are equipped to help you with various types of academic writing bla bla..”.

Oh boy! Many words for a simple message.

After I ordered an essay from WritersPerHour.com, the impression stayed the same: too many words, too little essence.

Read my WritersPerHour review to find out how that went. 

Services Review

The list of services is pretty good. In the price calculator, you can see the different types of papers listed in alphabetical order.

This team can deliver analysis paper, article, any kind of assignment, coursework, critical and creative writing tasks, IB internal assessment, IB ToK essay, marketing plan, rhetorical analysis, and more.

I liked this list a lot. It covers the basic assignments that are available elsewhere. But I see some progress in the industry, with services including more modern types of projects.

The only problem is that I don’t think these writers are capable of delivering everything that’s listed.

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Prices Review

The prices are quite expensive. I didn’t expect to see such high quotes per page from a service that’s not so popular.

To be fair, they start pretty low. The starting price for an essay is only $11.99 per page. However, it comes for a deadline of 30 days. Let’s be honest: no student will order their paper that early. Most are interested in short deadlines, which are quite expensive at this site.

Doctoral quality level with a deadline of 5 hours costs $79.99 per page. It’s too much!

Writers Per Hour gives you a 15% discount on your first order. There’s no discount program for returning users. But after a single experience with this team, I have no idea who would go back to them for more content.

Content Quality

I ordered a Master’s paper with a deadline of two days. I got a quote of $31.99 per page for this order, but it was reduced by the 15% discount. 

Two days went by. No paper. I contacted the customer support. I got a rude answer: “I guess your writer is not done yet so you’ll need to wait.” I requested a refund, but they ignored that message. I got the paper in four days after placing the order. No partial refund to cover the delay.

The quality was not good enough for this price. It wasn’t at Master level. I was surprised to see flawed sentences with tense issues. Obviously, these writers are non-native English speakers. I don’t have anything against non-native English speakers. But when I’m paying a lot of money for an essay, I expect to see natural, flawless English in them. This wasn’t the case.

Customer Support Agents

They are rude and they don’t solve any issues.

There’s something that looks like a live chat at this website. But it’s not a live chat; it’s a message form. The agents are never online, so you’ll have to leave them a message and wait for the response.

In my case, the agents answered within six hours. The bigger problem is that they were totally uninterested in my issues. They didn’t try to solve it. They made me feel like I was doing something wrong by asking where my paper was.

Writers Per Hour Review – Final Thoughts

I would like to say that WritersPerHour had potential. But I didn’t see any of it.

The only thing that I liked about this service was its list of services. I hope that other companies will get inspired by it, and they will include more types of products in their offer.

However, I found that Writers Per Hour wasn’t capable of completing even the simplest type of project: an essay. It was a disastrous experience for me. My paper wasn’t delivered on time. I paid an expensive price for low quality, and I didn’t get a refund.

Because of this, I believe that WritersPerHour is not a great company to work with. There are companies that are cheaper, more effective, and more customer-oriented.



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