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With so little information published on the site, it is not strange that many turn away from even before they know the details. This EssayEdge review was one of the most complex reviews I have written because the key information a customer needs to make a decision are not available unless you make contact with their agents.

Services Review

Essay Edge content makes it very unclear what the actual list of services is, but I believe I can help you get some idea. Firstly, you have to look into the categories in the tab on the homepage, i.e. MBA, graduate, college, medical, law and academic writing. Choose the academic level or option academic writing to see more details, pricing included.

Imagine my surprise when I found that this is not a writing company at all. Instead, this company is offering only editing and proofreading services for the papers you already have written, and at a very high price, too.

Prices Review

At first, I thought there are no prices to see here, but they are just hard to find. As I said, you have to open the specific academic level page or the option “academic writing” to see a price list. In all cases, there are three pricing groups: proofreading, standard and premier.

These are supposed to be packages, but the first one is only proofreading of a paper that is “looking for a quick polish”. The deadline for all these is 48 hours, except if you want to pay additional price to get a 24-hour delivery.

The prices at Essay Edge are incredibly high, and judging by the other customer Essayedge review, I’m not the only one to think so. In fact, a price of $59 for proofreading a 300-word paper is so high, I believe that you can actually get this paper written from scratch at a lower rate. And here, you need to have one to get a “quick polish”. The worse news is, the prices only go upwards. If you go for the standard package, you get proofreading, constructive critique and “content and tone to help you write”, and you’d have to pay $119 for 300 words.

The most disappointing offers are those of the premier package. Prices for this option start at outrageous $359 for 300 words, and the company seems to limit every feature offered in the package. For example, you get proofreading, one brainstorm session, two phone sessions with the editor, two rounds of critique and 14 days of e-mail support.

Content Quality

As I said, there is no content here, so this is more of a “service quality” than content quality. As you know, I don’t enough another’s Essay Edge reviews, and in order to give you a full picture of what offers, I paid the incredibly high fee to get some proofreading on a paper I intentionally made mistakes in.

I chose the standard option because the last one is obviously too steep for any student’s budget, so it is out of the question. For a rush delivery within 24 hours, I was asked to add $59 to the price that already exceeded $200.

What I got was an improved essay, in the sense that it had no mistakes at all and was fully proofread. Other than proofreading, nothing was done to polish the essay. If you thought this company offers full editing at that rate like I did, you were mistaken.

Customer Support Agents

Due to the lack of discounts and my complete disappointment when I got the paper, I got in touch with the agents to check what they have to say. As it turns out, they didn’t bother to set a 24/7 service, so I waited for 9 hours to get an e-mail response. Finally, I got information that there are no discounts, and because of my choice of a package, I do not get any revisions.

EssayEdge Review – Final Thoughts

If you were looking to find someone to help you write a paper, Essay Edge is not the company that does. I don’t say this because they offer bad papers, but because they offer no papers at all. All you can get here is an editing and proofreading service combined in several packages, which are way too expensive to consider.

Because of this, I cannot recommend you EssayEdge as the quality of their services is not worth what they charge.


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