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Many companies offer online writing help, and the most widespread tasks many of us need to complete is assignment writing. As for me, I would not say I like writing assignments. I found these tasks challenging since there is not much time to complete them. And today, I decided to review the service that promises excellent assignment writing help to students of all levels. team offers homework and assignment help on various subjects. They are promising to help you to get any grade you need for your class. When I was reading the content on the website, I had a feeling that it is extremely hard to understand what kind of service this team offers. Are they teaching their clients? Are boost my grade team members writing papers for students, or are they just showing how to do this right?

I was stuck, and I do understand why the potential clients are getting stuck when ordering here. So, I decided to write my boost my grades review and share more details about this team with anyone who stumbles upon this page.

Services Overview

If you were looking for a classy academic writing company providing a list of services like essays, book reviews, dissertations, etc., I do not think that boost my grade is the team you are looking for. These guys chose another niche, and controversial boost my grade reviews are supporting my thoughts.

According to their website, this team offers services that look like cheating. These are taking exams, online classes, and other things you should take yourself to study new material and test your knowledge in the subject. I usually prefer taking these tasks myself since I don’t think it’s a good idea to rely on an online person who might not even have the expertise you are searching for.

Yet, they have more legit services like assignments and essay writing. Here nothing illegal, and you can get a paper to your inbox and submit it for your class after a check.

Prices Review

I am always relying on completely transparent services. Such services have a price list for their help published on the website. Transparency is the key to finding a legit writing company. And unfortunately, it is not about Boostmygrade. They do not have any details about prices on the website.

To get a quote from this service, you need to register, verify your registration, and pass the details to the team to get a quote. I am against this way of getting clients. Many boost my grades reviews I found online are stating that this company is suspicious and expensive compared with other transparent teams.

Content Quality

Of course, you cannot say for sure if the company deserves student attention or not without a try. So, to make my review stand out from boosting my grades reviews I saw online, I decided to get an essay paper from them. There was no discount, and I paid more than $100 for the paper, yet I wanted to check up quality and placed an argumentative essay order here.

My paper was on Shakespear’s studies, it was simple, and it is hard to write a creative paper on this literature topic. The paper was delivered in time, but it was not good. There were some typos in the paper, and the writer did not format it. Moreover, it was not interesting and looked like a re-write.

Customer Support Agents

I wanted to learn more about this company and decided to talk with the representative about revisions, corrections, and other important things for students. I was surprised when I found out that the support team here does not work 24/7. They are not available for about 12 hours from Sunday to Thursday and are closed on Fridays and Saturdays.

The support team can be contacted via phone and email. I have tried calling them, but no one responded. So, I wrote an email and got a reply in a couple of days. And I found out that they do not have revisions and formatting help, and I must do it myself.

Boost My Grade Review – Final Thoughts

When learning about boost my grade company, I was surprised why this company still exists. They do not have public prices, do not provide 24/7 support, and there is no guarantee that you will get the help you’ve paid for.

The only thing that differs from other similar websites is that they focus on homework and assignment help and provide online exam and test assistance. Yet, there is no guarantee that you will get help from a skilled person.

Of course, there is a great idea behind this service if we are considering the situation with education today. Yet, the realization should be more thoughtful, and the student must have the guarantees of excellent service.

To sum up my BoostMyGrade review, I can recommend this company neither for assignment writing nor for online tests or exams. Stay Away.


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