About Brenda

Brenda Savoie was born and brought up in Ballarat, in the south of Australia. She then moved to Melbourne to study at Victoria University. After graduating with a degree in Creative Writing, she went on to teach English both to foreign students and home students in need of extra English tuition.

Brenda considers that Creative Writing has applications beyond fiction, and has found her degree immensely useful when it comes to planning interesting lessons that engage her students and enable them to learn effectively.

She genuinely enjoys watching her students thrive and flourish, with many of them gaining a new-found confidence in speaking English and improvements in written English.

After working for several years as a tutor in her native Australia, Brenda decided it was time for a change.

Looking for inspiration for her writing, she chose to move to London – as far away from home as you could possibly get! She has now lived in the UK capital for a year, and loves multicultural city life.

To paraphrase Doctor Johnson said, “You really can’t get bored of a city like London! Every time I leave the house, I see something that gives me ideas for writing. It’s something that I’ve always loved, which is why I studied it at university, and I feel that getting away from the comfort zone of home has really enabled me to stretch myself as a writer.”

In order to fund her writing, Brenda currently works as an English tutor at Edward English School, as well as offering private tuition online.

With 8 years’ experience of tutoring, she has built up a good deal of experience in helping students master the English language. Brenda finds working with international students particularly satisfying and rewarding, as she enjoys seeing them make progress and gain confidence in speaking.

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Also, Brenda is working on her debut novel, which leans towards the romantic genre.

“People always want escapism,” she says, “and the romantic in me wants to make them happy. What better way than with a book about love?

When she is not working or writing, Brenda enjoys cooking and exploring London. She has taken several cookery classes since moving to the UK, and finds it a great way to meet people – as she says, you can always bond over food!

She’s also beginning to venture outside London and visit cities such as Liverpool and York. “Coming from a ‘new’ country, it’s amazing to see all the old buildings here. I can’t get enough of the history! I have ancestors from Scotland, so I’m hoping to make that my next destination.”

Brenda intends to stay in London for at least a few years. After that, who knows where she’ll head to find more writing inspiration? If one thing’s for sure, it’s that this born scribbler will always have her notebook at hand, looking for ideas for her next novel!