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6DollarEssay.com Review

Whenever I give myself the task to review a service, I promise myself not to get too excited about its offers. The amazing offers often turn out to be scam with writing services. But, I can’t say that I wasn’t tempted to order from a company that offers rates of just $6. This would be a dream come true for any student with a low budget, and most of them are it. Though, with my experience, this price also means a red flag, a feeling which turned out to be very real by the end of this 6 Dollar Essay review. Keep reading.

Services Review

It’s hard to define what kind of service this is. Is 6dollaressay an essay service? Is it a resume service? Right now that I have seen their list and prices, I can tell you that it is all-in-one. This means that it has an enormous list of services. They didn’t stop with academic papers, no. They proceeded to offer CVs, resumes, and cover letters, which require an entirely different level of experience. These don’t have the same prices naturally, but are still incredibly cheap when you compare them to the rest on the market.

Prices Review

This is the most amazing and attractive part about 6dollaressay. It’s also the trickiest one. I could bet that most students choose this service just because of it, and I am not surprised. So far, I have never seen a service that’s willing to hire a writer and get your paper done for $6 per page. What’s left of the income for them after they pay the writer? And most importantly, how do they find the writers they brag about with those rates?

The rest of the rates don’t differ in terms of affordability. Even when you order within 24 hours, which is their shortest deadline (a bit of a disappointment for those who wait until the last minute), you will pay $22 per page. This is what most of the top rated companies charge for the longest deadline, so imagine my surprise there.

At this point, I thought – so far, so good. But, this is also the last great part of this review.

Content Quality

I can describe the content quality from 6dollaressay with one word – horrendous. Nothing about it was good, nothing at all. The price I paid was extremely low, but they didn’t even deserve that $8 I was charged per page for my paper.

All the things that make a good paper and a good service are absent from this company. They have really bad writers, which made me realize how they can offer those prices in the first place. The writers they work with seem to lack any experience and English is definitely not their native language. I speak in plural because that’s what I read in almost every review I could get my hands on, and that’s what I instantly notice in my terrible paper.

The writer they chose for me wasn’t just bad in English and in creating content, but he obviously had the courage to take content from three other websites and just spread them around my paper. So when I checked for plagiarism, guess how much I got? I got 65% of plagiarism in a single paper! That’s not worth any price at all and would ruin the day and the grade of any student who chooses to order from 6 Dollar Essay.

Customer Support Agents

When something as bad happens, customers want to turn to the customer support. So, that’s what I did, too. They haven’t bothered to hire agents to work on a live chat, so you can only reach out via e-mail or phone. I tried the phone several times, but no one answered. Since they haven’t listed work hours, I expected them to work non-stop.

I thought, okay, I’ll send an email and wait for a response. I shared my terrible experience requesting an immediate refund. It’s been weeks after my message and no one even bothered to respond. According to others who’ve written reviews about them, this seems to happen very often.

6 Dollar Essay Review – Final Thoughts

The company 6dollaressay.com could attract many with their prices, but they’d also chase everyone away with their services. If you decide to spend your money here, you’ll probably regret it same as most of their customers, including me. To be able to charge so little, the company employs the most incompetent writers. And, to make things worse, they have the decency to respond to complaints from customers.

Because of this, I believe that 6 Dollar Essay is not a great company to work with, as they don’t take responsibility for the awful work of their writers.




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