A-writer.com review

A-Writer.com Review

I was looking for essay writing services for assistance in writing my academic essays. Being an undergrad student I simply do not have enough time to sit down and write an essay. This is why I thought to take help from writing services. I was interested in online services rather than traditional one because online services are available all the time and I can ask anything to them any time of a day. My overall experience was good with a-writer.com. They have a clear price list. The quality of the content is very good. They charge a bit high and it provides no information about writers on the homepage. Nonetheless, I found them user-friendly and helpful.

In a word, my experience with a-writer.com was good. I’m giving a detailed information so that you can take a decision.

Service Review

When you enter into the homepage, you’ll get an option to select your service. You have to select your service, deadline and the quality and then proceed. They offer a huge list of services. It includes essay writing, research paper, thesis, case study, business and marketing plan, critical thinking etc. It’s huge, isn’t it?

Plus, the price is well stated. You’ll get to know all other features that they provide on the homepage. So, you have a clear idea of what you are getting from them.

Price Review

There is two price level for two standards of quality at A-writer. The standard quality starts from $21 per page where premium quality starts from $24 per page. I know it is a bit high. But I took their service because I was eager to find out what service they provide. And guess what? They earned my trust.

Discount is available! They provide 25% discount for the first time service seeker. They have a different discount policy for their members as well.

Content Quality

A-writer.com gave me a nice structured essay with all my requirements are fulfilled. The writer has a good command of the English language. He knows how to write an essay. He also has a good knowledge of the subject. There were no mistakes and I didn’t have to invest any time to make any amendment. I chose the premium quality and it was a premium quality essay indeed. The quality of the content justifies the high price. I was really happy with the essay that they gave me.

Customer Support Agents

They provide 24/7 customer service. They have live chat option where you can talk to the real person, not a chatbot. The customer service executives are always available. I found them helpful and responsive. I asked some specific questions and they answered them properly. They listened to all my requirements and took proper actions. I had to chat with them several times in day and night. They always reply promptly.

Final Thoughts

I found A-writer.com very friendly and responsive. They are a bunch of responsible people. I would give it an 8 on a scale of 0 to 10. The website and the price they charged made my expectations very high. Fortunately, the writer managed to fulfill it. I really got a good service from them.

Because of all this, I’m with the pleasure recommend A-Writer.com to you, as it is a legit and reliable online writing service.



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