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Before I came across an ad for, I had never heard of this company. It’s hard to imagine that a service with such a promising website and one that has been writing papers for years is so hard to find online. But, then I read some paperfellows reviews. It turns out that this service is not a reputable one and that those who have decided to order there are not satisfied with the outcome. At least that’s the case for most of them.

Well, this gave me even more reasons to keep going and to write my review. So, here it is – the entire story about my evaluation and experience of the service.

Paper Fellows Services Review

There are plenty of services given by this provider. They are split in different categories, which is something I often see on writing services’ pages. It seems like many companies chose to copy the list instead of making their own, but there’s no way to find out where it all started.

This might sound familiar if you have ordered from companies with such lists, but here it is:

  • Academic paper writing (essays, term papers, coursework, research papers, book reviews, book reports, research summaries, theses, case studies, article, article critiques, PowerPoint presentations, etc.)
  • Rewriting
  • Math/ Physics/ Economics/ Statistic problems
  • Proofreading, editing and copywriting
  • Admission services
  • Dissertation services
  • Resume and CV services
  • Multiple choice questions

PaperFellows Prices Review

Paper Fellows is a cheap service, too. This is yet one more reason to wonder why the company isn’t so widely known among students. Their prices go below the average, especially since they even add discounts to them.

For example, an essay here is $12.99 per page for 14-days deadline and high school level. It goes up to $21.99 per page for doctoral level with this deadline.

But, if you add the code 20FELLOWS to this, you get 20% off, which is pretty much the best first-time discount you can get. Now, I’ve seen this discount on websites before, but not when the original prices are so low. This would make the company cheap, not averagely priced.

After this discount, you get 5% to 15% as part of the frequently found discount program. This program is common with writing services and is based on how frequently you order on the same website. The more you do, the higher ladder on the discount scale you can reach.

Content Quality

This part made it all clear to me. I realized why this service is not at all popular. The quality is truly bad. If they managed to entice some customers with the prices, they surely haven’t kept them on board with the quality.

As all those reviews I read said, the company doesn’t work with good writers. This should be evident by the pricing because no service could afford good writers if they charge this little. However, it was worse than I expected it to be.

Why, you might ask? Well, first of all, the paper had 46% of plagiarism in it. This is unacceptable and basically, half of it was not good to submit. The rest of it was so badly written, it was hard to comprehend what the writer thought. The sources weren’t cited by using any legitimate formatting method, so everything was mixed up in the paper. Most of the data wasn’t even cited, so I had no idea where it came from. Even if they offered a revision, which they didn’t, I don’t see how anyone could have salvaged their writer’s work.

Customer Support Agents

The customer support is yet one more thing that frustrated me when it comes to Paperfellows. They took NO responsibility for what their writer did, none at all. I told them about the bad paper quality and they responded that I am not entitled to a revision unless he missed my requirements in the order?! Then I told them about the half-plagiarized paper and they vanished, literally. The support agent never responded again. Review – Final Thoughts

At the beginning, I had really good impressions of the website, the prices, and the services of this company. However, as I read testimonials and checked further, I realized that this service is not a legit one. When I received the plagiarized paper and horrendous customer service, I realized that it is even worse than I thought. I could not recommend this company.  On top of it all, they don’t take any responsibility if things go wrong for a customer, which is something that obviously happens often.

Because of this, I strongly discourage students to stay away from, as this service might be generous, and their writers are terrible.


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