1ws.com review

1ws.com Review

The choice of company name 1ws.com is definitely strange, but from the moment when I opened their website, I realized that it has quite an intriguing meaning. The website is actually called the ‘first writing service’. This doesn’t mean that it has shown on the market as the first writing service, nor does it mean that it’s top rated. At this point, I still do not know why the company has this name. Regardless, I was more interested to learn about the quality and services it offers, as well as the pricing it has for its customers. If you want to learn more, keep reading this review.

Services Review

The types of services 1ws offered is impressive, to say the least. They have all kinds of academic papers, some individual projects like speeches, different business writing types, admission services, dissertations, as well as editing and proofreading services. This isn’t a service that’s just oriented to help students, considering that they also prepare speeches and business plans.


Prices Review

It might not be first-rated in terms of quality, but when it comes to affordability, this company sure takes one of the best places. It means that they have prices that are extremely low when compared to the market’s affordability. For students, a quote that goes below $10 per page without the added discounts is amazing news and probably, a good enough reason to not look further. For me, this is an even bigger reason to dig deeper, mostly because such prices aren’t realistic enough to convince me that the company works with high qualified writers.

The lowest price in their pricing table is $9.97 for a page. This price applies to undergraduate level and the longest deadline for an essay of this academic level – two weeks. The price grows so slow, it gets to only $31 for page for the same paper within a deadline of 6 hours only, which is over a half lower than most high-rated companies offer.

This made me even more sceptic about the quality, which is why I continued our search outside of the website. The testimonials on their site might be amazing and the prices are definitely really good, but when it comes to reputation, this company is among the lowest rated by students that I’ve seen before.

You’d be even happier to hear that these prices are accompanied by some fine discounts. They aren’t lifelong discounts, but they apply to orders over $500 and $1000 (which with these prices is quite hard to reach, right?). Even so, this came unexpected, too.

Content Quality

This was the part that interested me the most when I realized what kind of pricing and reputation 1ws has online. To my huge disappointment, everything was as I read online, outside of the website. Unlike the great testimonials there that’d make everyone think they’ll get good papers, I got something horrendous.

The quality was terrible, to say the least. It didn’t have the word count I paid for – it had 50 words less. This wouldn’t be as grave if the quality wasn’t so bad in the first place. Most of the time, I couldn’t understand what the writer was saying in the article. It was as if he was writing in a different language, or had no idea how to write in English. None of it was proofread, so editing it would be a waste of time.

Customer Support Agents

The issues I had with the content were so grave, I instantly decided to speak to the 1ws.com support. The live chat works terribly – it’s a bot that never gets you to a real agent and gives you automated answers that can’t really help. So, I used the phone option. You can share your concern with them via message and ask them to call you. However, once I did, no one ever called me, probably because I asked for a free revision and definitely, at least a partial refund.

1WS.com Review – Final Thoughts

Some things about 1ws.com are really great, such as their service list and their pricing. But, they have failed in the two most important things that make a writing service worth your money – quality and support. The quality is one of the worst I’ve evaluated so far, with writings that are hardly comprehensive and really bad writing style on behalf of their writers. To make things worse, there’s no one to resolve such issues, which according to other customers, happens on a regular basis.

Because of this, I believe that 1ws.com is not the best company to work with, as the quality of their services is not worth the money they charge.




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