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Recently, one of my friends from college asked me to examine the services within my review.  In the starting, I felt very confident and relaxed, as I thought I have found a right solution for students problem with essay writing. I found their website look great and consists of relevant information I’m looking for. They have clearly mentioned their services and quality assurance on their main page. However, when I ordered a paper, I begin liking it less and less. Let me explain you everything through a detailed review.

Services Review

AffordablePapers offer a different kind of writing solutions such as homework papers, essay, coursework, research or term paper help, thesis, creative writing and so on. It covers almost everything that a student needs at high school and university. Moreover, it also caters to the requirements of professional workers.

Plus, they enlisted some other services also like speech, lab report, reviews, bibliography, powerpoint presentation, critical thinking and more. They committed to providing all these services with a high-quality and affordable price. Their extreme list of services encourages me to make an order, which I feel was not worth.

Prices Review

I expected to be cheaper when compared their price with other writing services in the market. And, I believed they would set good prices. That’s not a deal. The price list is right there on the main website. The price they mentioned is based on some factors like academic level, type of paper, number of pages and urgency.

However, the prices can truly satisfy people who need a paper on a low budget. As compared to others, the company is extremely cheap. But, such cheap services are the main reason for doubt, whether they provide quality or not.

Still, the prices are appealing to every visitor, the discount is also a main factor that most of the people consider while purchasing something. And, if you’re looking for such discount and loyalty programs, then they provide none.

Content Quality

When I ordered an essay at Affordable Papers, I felt very positive as they gave quality assurance. But, when I received it, it was very simple and have low-quality content. There was a balance between the paragraphs and the interrelate completely. However, an essay didn’t look like written by an expert. Even, I can also make such kind of papers. I need something better that can assist me to get higher grades in finals.

This essay was worthless and I didn’t use it.

Customer Service Agents

They have continuous support service and live chat option on their website. Even, they have also shared complete contact detail such as their company location, phone number, email, phone & chat working hours. When I ordered an essay, I got full support and care from their services agents. Since the paper has failed to meet my expectations, I called their customer support agents to ask about the problem. After all, they ensure me provide quality services. But, no one was responsive and attentive, and they didn’t help me.

Final Thoughts

Among 10, I would like to give – 5. which is only for the structure of writing and timely delivery. A student who doesn’t even known how to write an essay can get services from them. But, a student who needs a paper to score greater in their finals, do not take their services at any cost.

Because of this, I strongly discourage students from ordering essays at AffordablePapers,  as they are failed to deliver quality.


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