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After a while, all companies look the same to me when I choose where to order. has a very similar design to some other websites I’ve used before. It also has similar features and guarantees. They didn’t have any samples for me to look at, which was a big disappointment.

The people who worked on the website have invested a great deal of work into creating many pages that say the exact same thing. I learned nothing by reading the pages found on the top of the homepage. In fact, even now I have some questions about Paper Now that the support never answered for me. Read my Paper Now review to find out the details.

Services Review

This service does not have a good reputation from what I could see in their Papernow reviews. So, I expected a short list that would limit students in ordering papers. But, the list isn’t short at all.

I could order anything here and even get tutoring services. They even have full application packages for job applicants, which isn’t really an academic service. My point is, their list goes beyond just academic papers. For them to be able to make all this happen, they have to be great and have many writers. Or, judged by the reputation, this is one of the reasons for their failures.

Prices Review

I chose to order to be able to write this Paper Now review. First, I took a look at the pricelist. It’s a really good one. The lowest you can pay is $14 per page, which is much cheaper than most companies charge nowadays. It’s not the cheapest but, in my experience, those should definitely be avoided.

This is the price they charge for the lowest level, high school, and the longest deadline, 20 days. I find it highly unlikely for students of this level to order so early because most papers aren’t assigned in longer than a week before the deadline. So, I don’t really consider this the lowest price, really.

But, even if they move upwards in academic levels and go shorter in terms of deadlines, the prices are still really good. The same essay costs $16.23 per page if ordered a week before the deadline. I needed a Master’s level paper within 10 days and the quote for me was $24.90.

This was without discounts. There’s only one discount offered and you can only get it if you share your email address with the company. They’ll send you a code for 15% discount on the first order. Even though I appreciated this generous offer, I still find it to be bad that they don’t have anything to offer to loyal customers. It’s as if they value new customers more than those who order from PaperNow regularly.

Content Quality

With that discount and those good rates, I thought I got lucky. But, when they put my ready paper into the system for me to download, I realized that I’ve made a huge mistake when I ordered here. The reputation of is bad for a really good reason. They don’t have competent writers that’d do good papers for the customers.

This is probably why Paper Now don’t have loyal customers and a discount program for them. The essay I ordered might have had a good price, but the quality was not worth a penny from what I paid them.

It was written in bad English, with many mistakes, and a style that would fit a high school student, not someone enrolled in a Master’s program.

The only good things about it was that the deadline was met and I found only 10% plagiarism. It was terrible, but almost original.

Customer Support Agents

My experience with the support agents was as bad as that with the writers. I didn’t speak to a writer directly, but the work of the person they assigned was terrible. While I spoke to an agent, his service was delayed and really unprofessional.

The agent took forever to answer the simplest questions about discounts. He said that if I’m a regular, I can ask them for a discount and they’ll let me know. When I asked for specifics, he said that he’s not able to elaborate any further at the time.

Final Thoughts provided me with a terrible experience and did not take any responsibility for the bad work of their writers. Their support is unreliable and there’s no loyalty program to attract more customers. Except for their good prices and service list, I found nothing about this company that’d make it worthy of my money.

Because of this, I believe that Paper Now is not the right service to work with, and despite their wide service list, suggest you do not spend money on ordering papers here.


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    Just don’t waste your money all you get is your time wasted
    The essay was late
    The essay was poor quality, over the word count by 1100, did not follow the criteria sent, wrong font, and was not incorrect format. (The wrong font how can a professional not get the font correct and get a mix of different fonts into an essay).
    Thereafter I spend hours of time, creating feedback for this poor-quality essay. To be given back the same essay that was still wrong font and over 1100 words too long, maybe change an image. This is an extremely shxt service.
    I put in a complaint on the website and got the same shxt work back again!!!!
    Then I put in another complaint via phone and was told that I would receive a refund within 12 hours.
    Did not receive any email regarding this, instead got the same shxt quality work, it has been 5 days since I was supposed to get a quality essay but kept getting the same shxt back. I paid extra to get quality work given to me within 5 days. Been 10 days since that time. What is considered a deadline for your company?
    Called again today and was told someone will take over and take responsibility for the essay. Why would I waste even more time writing feedback for an essay that was shxt? If I did this, I would literally need to correct each line, when I could just write the essay myself.
    I am so annoyed and just want a refund as I have never wasted so much time in my life with a company, without a resolution. Are you really trying to rob money from students?
    First time leaving a bad review in my life, this is the worst company ever been a customer of and will be a customer of.

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