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According to the data provided on the Superbpaper website, this is a high-rated company with over 80% of customers returning to order more. But, according to the data I found outside of the website, these numbers are far from accurate. Superb Paper is a service I’ve never heard of before, probably because they aren’t popular with students due to constant issues with delivery and quality. Even so, I don’t judge a book by its covers, so I decided to do my thorough research to write my own superbpaper review. Here is what I learned in the process.

Services Review

There isn’t a lot that you can buy on the website, but the list is satisfactory. It has essays and research papers, dissertations and term papers, as well as projects like case studies and presentations. To be more, also offers editing and proofreading services, as well as book and movie reviews and reports.

This list might not be of the same size as that of other companies, but it sure suffices to make your academic years easier. Surely, that would only apply if the quality was as promised which, as you’ll read in a short while, is far from being the truth here.

Prices Review

This isn’t something I initially noticed, but Superbpaper is really cheap. It has prices that go below $10 when you add their discounts, which are used by both new and returning customers. New customers get 5% off, while returning customers have reported discounts of up to 15%. These, however, are not regular discounts and are not applied as part of a loyalty program. They are given by the support, so you’d basically have to ask for a discount to see if you are eligible for some.

Even without fixed or any discount offers, the prices are amazing. The essay price for high school students is $10 if you order it 14 days before the deadline. The price of a PhD essay or dissertation is $29 for the same deadline, while a longer deadline is not offered for these types of paper. That’s strange on its own, especially since these rates are much lower from what I’m used to seeing in companies that can be rated ‘superb’.

Content Quality

This part is especially disappointing in my superbpaper review. In the midst of all those promises and the low prices they throw at you, the quality becomes a huge blowback. What I received was no essay at all – just some copied content from three different sources, something I immediately found by using a simple plagiarism scan.

The writer just threw things onto my paper without giving it a second thought. Some of the things weren’t even connected, and the original pieces contained too many mistakes in them. This paper had no way to be saved, not unless you want to rewrite it again. Even if you tried, there were no references at all, making it over 70% plagiarized.

This is unacceptable from any writing company and it is the clearest reason for a refund. But, I never got it. Apparently, such problems are common here and Superb Paper doesn’t accept it as a reason for a refund (or at least they didn’t accept it in my case).

Customer Support Agents

It’s the job of the customer support agents to take care of big issues like mine, but they didn’t seem to care. We contacted them through their live chat form, which is initially an automated bot that throws some vague answers in your direction. Then, when I finally found my way to a real agent, I spoke to someone who barely understood

English, not to mention know to write in it.

The person was not professional at all, and did not resolve any of my problems. Without any explanation or excuse, not even an apology, he said that I am not entitled to any kind of a refund. When I asked for a full revision, he asked that I order another paper with the same instructions. Who would in their right mind order again after receiving this kind of service?

Superbpaper Review – Final Thoughts

The start of my review was splendid, but everything went downhill since I ordered a paper here. Super b Paper has great rates and a solid service list, but their quality and their support are terribly low. Super b Paper doesn’t care about customer satisfaction or guarantee anything. As long as they can trick you with their rates, they’ll make amazing promises and mention all kinds of guarantees. In my case, they broke over a dozen of their promises and didn’t stand behind any of the guarantees, except for the one for timely delivery.

Because of this, I’d strongly recommend you to stay away from as, despite low rates and a solid service list, level of their quality and support are terrible.


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