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The prices at EssayPro are very cheap. You can get an essay within 5 days for a price of $11 per page. But there’s a trick: it’s the minimum price.

This is actually a bidding service. No one bids that low, especially if we’re talking about good writers. Oh wait; after trying this service first-hand, I suspect there are any good writers at all. They still bid high, though.

If you search for Essay Pro reviews online, you’ll encounter mixed impressions. Each customer has different requirements. For high-school students, this may be a good choice. For any project that requires better quality, EssayPro may turn out to be a complete disaster.

Let’s start with the details. I placed an order at this website and I’ll tell you how that went. 

Services Review

This is the case with all bidding writing services: they have a great list of services. Since the writers can make an offer on any order they like, the service has no problem letting you order anything.

If you want an entire dissertation with a deadline of twelve hours, you can order it. That doesn’t mean that someone will bid on it. Maybe no one will like your project. But even if you get some bids, they won’t come from writers with relevant experience.

I checked the profiles of most writers. One of them, named Elite Writer and described as “an intelligent, smart and dedicated professional essay writer,” has written on topics from liberal arts and humanities, medicine and health, business and finance, engineering, computer sciences, agriculture, physical sciences, architecture, and many other niches that have nothing to do with each other. There’s no information on the writer’s education. As for the rating these writers get, I assume it’s fake. I rated my writer with one star. It didn’t affect how their “performance” was featured on the website. 

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Prices Review

The minimum price, set for an essay with a deadline of two weeks, is $11 per page. You cannot choose the quality level to see a flexible price by that factor. Only the deadline changes the minimum price. For the deadline of 6 hours, it’s $17 per page.

I ordered an essay with a deadline of two days. The minimum price for this kind of order is $13. However, I did not get a bid that low. The lowest bid was $25 per page. That’s still affordable. I just want to say that students may be tricked by the initial expectation.

There aren’t any discounts available at this website. If you want the lowest price, you can choose a writer who fits your budget. But don’t expect huge quality.

Content Quality

I chose a writer with a bid of $37 per page. It’s a high price for this type of service, but he seemed like the most experienced one of the bunch. doesn’t feature any relevant information about its writers. The writer that I chose has a huge chunk of text in their “About Me” section. It’s all me, me, me. He continuously mentions how great he is, but there is ZERO detail on his actual qualifications.

The only good thing that happened was that the order came on time. He managed to complete an essay within two days. That’s was the only achievement. In terms of quality, the content was an utter disaster.

I specifically mentioned that this was an essay for MA level. I set a topic from Humanities. The writer’s profile showed great activity in that niche, so I expected at least average work. I got something that didn’t look like an essay. It didn’t have a thesis statement.

The paragraphs were off balance, and there were too many of them. It was a Reddit post. That’s how I would describe the content that I got: it looked like a casual, random Reddit post written by a person who just found out about the matter and did a quick research before trying to sound smart with their statements.

Customer Support Agents

The writer is supposed to provide all the support that you need.

As with most other bidding services, Essay Pro also allows you to contact your writer. The problem is that the writers take too long to respond. I believe that my writer was in a different time zone, since I received his answers at weird timing. The communication was not efficient.

When I complained about the quality, the writer stopped responding to my messages. 

Essay Pro reviews –Final Thoughts was a very disappointing experience for me.

The writer was not qualified to complete my paper. Yet, he placed a high bid and convinced me that he would complete great content.

Because of this, I’d recommend you to stay away from EssayPro as they hire writers who don’t know what an essay is.


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    Fake pictures of authors and customer service reps and poor writers. They steal content from the Internet and change words to avoid plagiarism which makes poor essays. When we cancelled our orders due to poor essay, they kept 35% from refund. We will never use them again. They steal and deliver poor service. All their author ratings are fake. Their writers are not English speaking and the company is in East Europe or Russia. Don’t use them or risk getting poor content and lose your money.

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