7DollarEssay.com review

7DollarEssay.com Review

At the main website of 7DollarEssay.com, they have clearly cited that the company provides a custom essay, academic paper and any kind of content writing services. Their quality writers have a strong hold on writing ability and they all are native-English writers.

Their website was the sole fact that employs me to take an action. I found several positive points on their website and that’s why I decided to make an order. I ordered a research paper and I needed to do it in a right manner. I gave them a list of requirements that I asked them to follow carefully while writing. But, what they have done was totally frustrating. Let me explain you everything thoroughly.

Services Review

Website of 7DollarEssay.com expresses a lot of writing services such as article writing, assignment writing, admission essay, Book reviews, case study, term paper, research papers, homework writing, powerpoint presentations, speech writing and more. Even, you can see a statement written on their Home-page which is they offer a service of free order creation which means firstly a person can place an order and then pay when the work is assured to be done. They ensure they only offer quality services, but that did not happen in my case.

Prices Review

They didn’t clarify a list of price on their site. They have only defined a $7 rate of one page, which I think is genuine. Although, sometimes a low-price strongly means low-quality. And, that’s what happened with me. I found 7DollarEssay services highly affordable rather than other writing services. After reading through the website, I felt confident about their services. Honestly, the price was good and goes well with my budget plan. But, I never want to get this kind of services just for a low price. Even, I was ready to pay if they assist me to get a better option.

Content Quality

Worst!! Not happy with a single point. They didn’t even follow a simple instruction which I cite in my requirement section. First of all, nothing matched; the paragraphs didn’t even match with each other, grammar errors, poor sentence structure, zero punctuation, missing prepositions and so on. I think the writer who wrote this paper doesn’t speak English as a first language, which means he/she is not a native-English writer. Then, I gave it back for revision, and it came back the same way it was sent to me.

Customer Service Agents

Before I received a paper, everything was fine and smooth. They even try to help me everything I have in my mind. They were very polite and response within seconds. However, when I found a terrible paper and asked them about the same, everything starts changing. I waited several hours to find a solution for my problem. But, no one helps me out. Even, they didn’t give me a refund. A paper I got was total garbage, I didn’t use it.

Final Thoughts

Absolutely horrible experience! I’m very disappointed by 7DollarEssay.com service. The paper was totally useless and I have pay double for the same paper as I ordered it from somewhere else. The research was 100% not what I was requested. An incorrect paper was given back to me on the due date and I could not even use it.

Because of this, I definitely suggest you stay away from 7DollarEssay, if you’re looking for high quality writing service. Don’t waste time and money here.




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