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Right when you open the website of Essaybot, you’ll realize that this is an essay tool and not an essay service. But, you’ll also read something that I found out is untrue – that the tool is free to use. I cannot possibly see a reason why a company would continuously repeat that its services are free of charge, only to require payment later. The most annoying part is that you realize this after you have used the tool, and you can’t make the download without the payment.

But, first things first. Let me tell you in my essay bot review what exactly the company offers before we get to the details of the ordering process.

Services Review

I wouldn’t really call what this website does a service, but let’s do it for the purposes of this review. This is basically an AI tool that’s supposed to help you while you write. The EssayBot tool offers several services:

  • Unlimited search database
  • Auto writing suggestions
  • Selective plagiarism checker
  • MLA and APA citations
  • Grammar checker
  • Unlimited essay downloads

If you take a look at the website, you’ll notice that I didn’t use the ‘top-notched’ before grammar checker. I chose not to because the grammar checker is basic at the best. There’s nothing top-notch about it, something which I’ll discuss in the quality section.

Prices Review

Now, you can use Essay Bot to write an essay and get suggestions, but when it comes to downloads and the rest of the tools, you’ll be asked to pay money. This can be really frustrating because the website says it is free of charge. Basically, it is one big scam.

In terms of the pricing, it’s not high at all. To get the unlimited access they mention, you need to pay $2.95 for a week, $9.95 for a month, or $59.40 for a year. I definitely don’t recommend that you choose the long-term options before you check how the website works.

Content Quality

The content quality will depend on you as the writer, basically, but I’ll gladly discuss the quality of the services provided on this website. Firstly, the website will give you suggestions while you write. Since this isn’t a real person but a machine, we all know how that goes. You’ll get many ridiculous suggestions, and some that you might be able to use.

Then, they have a grammar checker. You can use it, definitely, but you shouldn’t put a lot of trust in it, either. I’ve found many mistakes with more advanced grammar checkers, so I’d rather spend my money there next time.

Then, there’s the citation generator. This part I found to be nice, though it needed some minor polishing. Even so, paying the sum only for this feature is ridiculous. You can literally find it free of charge online – and really free of charge, not like they lie on this website.

And finally, there’s the plagiarism checker and the unlimited search database. The latter is Google search – as simple as that. Why would you pay for it when you can use a search engine? The plagiarism checker is fine, but nothing too advanced. It still missed some plagiarism and, after checking with more advanced software, I don’t think that this is a great option, either.

Customer Support Agents

If you thought that there’s support here, there isn’t. This was a person’s clever way to get money by doing nothing. The site uses an AI tool, which means that you’d be getting your services from a machine. There’s no one to complain to if you don’t like what the machine does. We tried reaching out, but no one answered on the only contact method provided on the website – email address.

Since this isn’t a writing service as I thought it was at first, I don’t see how you can fix any arising issues after you’ve made the payment. The silliest thing is that I’ve read some comments online that I now know are fake, that said that this is writing service. Some of them even mentioned that they really like how the writer did their paper?!

That being said, it’s even more important to check each website’s reputation, but also the site itself before you make a decision.

Essay Bot Review – Final Thoughts is not the type of service I expected. This is a bot that is supposed to help you find plagiarism, search for papers, fix the errors, and get some useful suggestions. But, they lie about it being free of charge and the tool isn’t that great at all. So, I definitely do not recommend it.

Because of this, I definitely do not recommend EssayBot, as the quality of service is not worth the time or money spent.


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