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Before this, I had never heard of the service called Trust My Paper. I came across it when I was looking for a new service to review. The website looked more than decent and they had a great new customer discount. However, when the time came to check Trust My Paper reviews, I didn’t find as many as I expected. This is supposed to be a long-standing company, but their feedback is only a couple years old. The worst part about it is that the comments they have are mostly negative. Naturally, this convinced me to look even closer and write my own Trustmypaper review.

Services Review

Trustmypaper has organized the service list quite well. They chose to put them into different categories. This is helpful considering that the list is very full. I found that they have more than just the regular, common offer most companies do. In addition to essays and research papers, dissertations or theses, they also have a separate category for resume and CV services, as well as admission services. is not popular at all, so this surprised me. For a company to hire so many writers that will be able to write such a diverse combination of papers, they should be big and considerably popular. This was just the first strange information. When I learned about their rates, I started to seriously doubt their service list and quality.

Prices Review

The reason why their prices confused me and worried me is because they are very low. The quote that first showed up when I opened the price page was $12.99 for a page. This is a low price when it’s compared to companies who have the kind of reputation this one claims to have.

But, the prices aren’t even the final quote you will pay. They don’t have additional expenses. On the opposite, they have big discounts for new customers. At first, I was happy to learn about a 17% discount for new customers. It’s a very good offer, especially on a price that already looks too good to be true.

The loyalty program isn’t any less impressive. They have the common 5% to 15% lifelong discount most companies have, but the requirements that will get you the discounts are much better than most I have seen. You need to spend $399 on the website to get 5% off all orders and only $799 total to get a lifelong discount of 15%.

Everything sounded perfect until this point. The prices were attractive and the service list would let me order anything, even when I graduate. But, it was the quality part that followed that killed the rating of the company. Read on.

Content Quality

Finally I realized why the service is so widely unpopular. The prices are low and yet, they don’t seem to have many regulars. Those who have ordered have complained about the quality and now that I’ve ordered, I’m one of them, too.

When I decided to order from, I didn’t have my hopes up. But, I didn’t expect the quality to be as low as it was. There were three problems with my paper.

First, it had a big amount of plagiarism. The percentage exceeded 40%, which means that almost half of the paper had to be rewritten. Second, it contained many mistakes that indicated that no one edited the paper. In fact, the mistakes were so weird, it was obvious that they didn’t choose a native or at least a fluent speaker to write it. Finally, it contained fewer words than it was supposed to, even though I paid for seven pages.

Customer Support Agents

With that paper in my inbox, I was so frustrated, I immediately started looking for ways to contact the support agents. I found it – they have an online chat. It doesn’t work fast at all. You get an instant response, but not from a real agent. You’ll first speak to a bot and, if the bot can’t answer a question, you’ll be redirected

The agent was less fluent in English than the writer, so it was hard talking to her. I complained about all the things I told you about and when I did, it took her over 20 minutes to reply. When she did, she said that they’ll revise the paper once for free.

When I received it two days later, they only added the words that were missing. Nothing else was changed despite my explanation of what went wrong and the screenshot of the plagiarism checker. When I complained again, they simply decided that the time for revisions has passed.

Final Thoughts

I liked the beginning of my research of, but I definitely hated the outcome of ordering there. The service list and the price list are excellent, but the quality of both support and writers is devastating.

Because of this, I’d definitely recommend you to stay away from Trust My Paper as the quality of their services is not worth even the low price they charge.


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