I liked the fact that the landing page at Myadmissionsessay displays an order box for visitors. Then, they go ahead to give you a breakdown of how they operate, and what their service is all about. This is a clear indication of how they like to handle their business; direct and straight to the point.

The design of the website is pretty average with a simple interface and plain setup.  The content on the website was simple and easy to read. They seem to give readers a taste of what to expect when they place an order.

When I made an order from my admissions essay, they did pretty well. Because of how their website is set up, the ordering process is quite simple. While the quality of their work did not impress me, their writing service was satisfactory. I also found some of their content to be overly simple for academic purposes.

Keep reading this Myadmissionsessay review to learn more about my experience with them.

Services Review

The list of services on this website is nothing short of impressive, and they are listed alphabetically in the price calculator. They can handle essays, business plans, critical thinking projects, articles, research papers, and so on. I enjoyed seeing that they covered a majority of the basic assignments students have to face.

When making an order, you get to choose between High School, Undergraduate, and Ph.D. papers. There’s also the flexibility of setting a custom deadline and the number of pages. This writing service keeps things interesting with their helpful extras, which you may add to any of your papers. I used these extra to save my time and boost the quality of their service. It gave me a higher level of control over the final result. promises a lot, but the quality of their writers sets them back.

Prices Review

When compared with other writing services, I found that they had fairly reasonable pricing. When I ran further quotes, they offered affordable prices per page. Their pricing is perhaps one of the main reasons that make their service a sensible choice.

For high school quality essays, the starting price is $11 for a 20-day deadline. If you want to order in a shorter duration, you would need to sacrifice some extra cash. If you also want an essay that’s Ph.D. quality, you would have to pay $48/page for a 6-hour deadline. Not too pricey right?

Content Quality

When ordering, the website clearly shows that you are free to choose between 3 categories of writers; basic, advanced, and top writer. To test their service, I ordered an undergraduate paper, set a deadline of 3 days, and got a quote of $26 per page. I included a table of contents in my order and was charged an additional $9.99.

My paper arrived late on the deadline day but I was happy to have it. It was interesting to see that they had managed to stick to the deadline I had set for them. When going through the paper, I realized that the quality of the writing was just a little above par. While I doubted that it was written by anyone at the Master’s level, the paper seemed to go straight to its point. The table of contents that was added did not highlight all the key headers. There were also some spelling mistakes and tense issues which I had to correct myself. Despite all of the problems in the paper, it’s obvious they had employed native speakers to work for them.

Perhaps their advanced level writers are prone to errors, it’s difficult to tell. I expected better quality content with a seamless flow and near-perfect grammar from a Ph.D. writer. Considering the additional work I had to put into the paper, their services feel quite overpriced.

Customer Support Agents

The website provides three channels for clients to relay their complaints and inquiries – live chat, message forum, and phone calls. I found the three of them quite useful but they were far from efficient. Their customer support agents took some time to pick up the phone but spoke calmly and attended to all of my inquiries. The live chat agent took several minutes to reply and the responses were quite disjointed. It felt like I was speaking to a robot with predetermined answers. When I tried the message form, my reply came the next day.

Considering the efforts that this website puts into providing clients a platform for feedback, they need to do better. It’s no use having many feedback channels when your clients still have to wait forever.

MyAdmissionsEssay Review – Final Thoughts

My experience with Myadmissionessay was filled with ups and downs. The website offered a lot of promise but also had considerable drawbacks.

The most interesting about them was the list of their services. It was comprehensive and includes more categories than you would find in most places. The quality of their writing was just a little above average, as I needed to edit some parts of my paper.

It was a fairly good experience for me. Although, I felt I could have gotten more quality for the amount of money I was paying. I believe that myadmissionsessay is a fairly good company to work with. But it would be in your best interest to limit them to simple projects. You’ll also need to be patient with their customer support.


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