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For a professional service that’s supposedly the trusted online company of over 55K students, Pay For Essay does have a disappointing reputation. Their site is refreshingly modern and very informative, but the information there did not really fit all the Payforessay reviews I read. The reviews indicated that the service isn’t really great, which is what prompted me to start this investigation and write a Pay for Essay review that could help you with your choice.


Services Review

Once I visited the pages of Payforessay, I learned that this isn’t an academic writing service and oriented toward not only for students. Sure, they have the essay and research papers, and all other academic assignments and tasks you can search for. But, they also serve a resume service, meaning that it’s a place where applicants can go to get help with landing a job.

So basically, this website offers everything from an essay to a dissertation, as well as application essays, resumes, and cover letters. On top of it, it has writing, rewriting, and editing services on all academic papers in their list.

Prices Review

There was something strange I’ve discovered about the prices at the website. Why? Because they speak of content that costs $10 for a page, but none of their content writing services actually has such a quote. Still, the company might spread some misinformation, but it is still a finely-priced one. In fact, based on what I’ve seen so far when I look at such companies, it is much cheaper than some would expect for the popularity they claim they hold.

Want an example of this? Well, all high school papers have a minimal quote of $14.91 for a page, without the added discounts. College papers begin at $17.01, undergraduate papers at $19.46, Master’s papers at $24.02, and PhD papers at $26.31.

You’ve probably noticed that the prices grow rather fast, even for the longest deadline option. This came as a bit of a surprise for me, but even so, with their discounts, the rates would still be quite good if the quality is as the service says, even for the higher levels.

Speaking of their discounts, this was also strange. There isn’t a loyalty discount per se, at least not one that resembles any of the programs other companies have for their regulars. Basically, the cost of a paper is reduced based on the money you spend on your previous one, and whether or not you wish to use your bonus. There’s an online balance you can accumulate and use on future orders. The first order gives you 10% of the price as a bonus for the next ones, and the next ones only give you 5%.

This is a disappointing offer since you aren’t rewarded for loyalty, really, but will pay less if you pay more. Also, the offers are far from attractive since most of the loyalty offers are at or exceed 15%.

Thankfully, at this point, there’s a discount on the first order. Reviews also mention this discount, so it is safe to conclude that it always applies to new orders. Therefore, you can also get a discount, this time of 15%, as a new customer.

Content Quality

The blog and free samples give an excellent impression to those who take the time to read what published. But, the quality I had in return for my money was far from this.

Things went quite smoothly until this point of my Payforessay review, except for some of the curiosities I had about the discounts and the site’s information. But, at this point, I’ve discovered why the reviews did not fit the statements of the company.

The writers who work here aren’t half as good to attract a number of over 55K of regular customers. On a site where plagiarism is said to be non-existent, I ordered and received a paper that had over 40% plagiarism in it. Moreover, that paper wasn’t at all formatted and the quality of the writing wasn’t fitting for the high level I ordered for and paid a small fortune for.

Customer Support Agents

After the big disappointment I got when received the paper from what was supposedly a very popular service, I contacted the support. I wouldn’t recommend the phone – no one answered my calls when I tried to reach an agent. On the live chat, I probably spoke to a bot for some while before I was redirected to an actual person.

This person approved a revision, but after seven hours from when I asked for it. The revision came two days later, which would cause any student to miss a deadline.

Final Thoughts

I received slow and bad service from the company that’s supposedly very popular. It is safe to say now that lacks good writers and for the rates they charge, it’s definitely not worth it.

Because of this, I believe that Payforessay is not the right service to work with, and suggest you do not spend money on ordering your assignments here.


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    I was cheated by this company when decided to order from them. I asked to write an essay for me and paid for it. And when I got it, it was terrible, inconsistent and full of grammar mistakes. They don’t give refunds, so I ended up with the long conversation via phone with them

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    This company looks trustworthy and professional, but when I tried them, I had a bad experience. My paper was devoted to police brutality in the US. It is easy topic, but they failed to cover it. I tried to get a refund, but they claimed that I cannot get it because a paper was already delivered…

  3. Payforessay team at the first glance looks professional and nice. However, the company itself is not nice at all. I ordered a research paper here and have got plagiarized one. Keep away from this team, they are not legit writing company!

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