If you were looking for a cheap place to get papers from, this would be However, since the prices are really cheap, you shouldn’t expect an extreme dose of high quality content from the writers. This is exactly what I thought when I first saw the list of rates per page, since the majority of content writers charge much more for their expertise.

Even so, it is my promise to you and an obligation to check each service to see how their processes work. Pro-papers seems perfectly legit based on the look of their website and the testimonials they have published there, although those testimonials don’t truly fit the nature of the ones outside the site.

Services Review

It’s been a long time since companies focused on one paper only. Nowadays, most companies have these enormous lists of services, which is good and bad news at the same time. On one side, ordering all from one source can be very effective and time-saving. But, to actually get all content pieces in perfect condition, a service needs to have many, many writers who know how to write a specific paper.

This is one of the trendy services of today, meaning that the list they have is extremely big. Students can enjoy the assistance of writers who do essays and term papers, research papers and dissertations, and even some less common assignments like presentations or speeches. Moreover, they seem to help with applications, too, in the sense that they offer resume and cover letter help.

It’s a good start for the company in my evaluation, but it all depends on how well they organize the orders and whether or not they have the team to handle it all.

Prices Review

The prices of $10 and upward only confused us since, for a company with that kind of list, they’d have to have so many writers, and all of them would have to be highly skilled. I can all agree with it – there aren’t that many writers who’d be willing to work for such low prices, which is why those popular services have much bigger rates to offer.

Even so, the pricing seems so nice, it would be strange to see a student who isn’t enticed by them. They differ on the basis of page numbers, level, and deadline. Also, there are different price tables for other types of general services, such as writing, editing, problem solving, presentations, etc.

Discounts are a no, at least not at this moment. If there are any special offers, I didn’t find them during our evaluation and there are certainly not fixed discounts of any sort. This is the first big disappointment I had because, despite those fine prices, discounts tend to convince customers to remain loyal to a writing company.

Content Quality

The discounts or the lack of them would not present a problem at all, but the content quality is sure a big downside. That low price gave us slight doubt about it, but the website creators and designers were very convincing and managed to raise our expectations by a lot.

So, when I received a dissertation chapter which I ordered two weeks ahead of a deadline, I found many problems with it. Not only mistakes in the writing that meant lack of editing, but also a lot of plagiarism and almost no references or citations at all. Basically, the dissertation did not resemble a dissertation and did not have the structure or tone a PhD dissertation should have.

Customer Support Agents

It wasn’t just the writers who made me reduce the rating of Pro Papers. The agents who work at this very company are also highly unprofessional and despite what it looks like when you open, they don’t respond fast. In fact, it is probably automated when they contact you when you open the website, since it takes almost half an hour to actually get a response from a live agent.

As soon as I did, I started asking some very important questions. I first told them about the plagiarism, which is the biggest problems of them all. The agent took his time, which was a bit too long and very frustrating, and only offered a revision. When I discussed the mistakes and the formatting in addition to this, the agent became somewhat agitated, stopped me in the middle of a sentence, and said that I can ask for a revision if I don’t like the paper.

So, I did. What I got was a paper almost four days later, which would make everyone lose a deadline. The paper still had plagiarism and the formatting wasn’t changed at all.

Final Thoughts

Without proper customer support and good writers, a company cannot strive on this market. might have some nice prices, but that’s far from enough.

Because of this, I don’t suggest you get services from Pro-papers due to the problems they have with plagiarism and poor service.


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