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Myperfectwords is not popular at all. I know this because before I wrote this My Perfect Words review, I went through a couple dozen testimonials from customers outside of their website. To be honest, these are nothing like those nice, amazing testimonials they’ve chosen to publish.

But, this is a very common marketing strategy with online services, so I decided to let it go. The thing that most peeked my interest was their amazing, limited time only offer that reduced all prices by half. Well, this is without any doubt the best offer I’ve seen, or at least that’s what I thought before I realized that it was yet another scam. Keep reading this Myperfectwords review to find out the details.

Services Review

There’s no service page, which is disastrous since the only way to find out what services they have is in the order form. But, this seemed to fade soon after because that’s when I realized that My Perfect Words has a full service list. They have everything you need to complete your education from high school to doctorate studies, not to mention some projects that are not so easy to find in most writing companies.

This certainly gave them some points, though they should really put a list on the website for everyone to see.

Prices Review

Well, this was the first part that took the rating of downhill. The prices that are said to be discounted by 50% are actually the same they’ve always been. What pops up on all pages and corners of this website as a limited offer is a marketing trick they’ve been using for years. And a really unfair one, too.

You can notice this from the pricelist that definitely doesn’t look like they’ve cut their prices in half. If you believe their words, the lowest price at which they offer pages would be $30. You’ll hardly find any company with such high prices anywhere.

Now, the discounted offers begin at half these rates, which means that the cheapest price here is $15 per page for most papers. They have strange deadline options and the shortest deadline is 12 hours, so you can’t really order a paper to be delivered on the same day or in the morning.

One good thing about their pricing is that it applies to 300 words, which is slightly more than what other companies offer. The bad thing is that because of their fake 50%, you’ll get no other discount from them. They’ve made this discount seem so grand and generous that you aren’t eligible for a bulk discount, a returning customer discount, or any other type of loyalty program.

This isn’t all that bad compared to the quality I received from them.

Content Quality

If you put aside their trick with the discount, the prices aren’t all bad. In fact, they are somewhere in the average range even without the discounts, which means that I got a good deal for my paper.

What I didn’t get was the paper I ordered. To my biggest surprise, the paper I received came almost completely copied from a single source online. The quality was good and the writer hadn’t made many mistakes in the writing. But, this is all irrelevant considering that I found 45% plagiarism in my content. In fact, when I found that source they used I realized that the writer did a poor rewriting job, so it was pretty much the same piece of content.

Customer Support Agents

As you’d expect, I was infuriated with how my order here ended up to be. So, I reached out to the people that are supposed to be online non-stop. After two hours of trying and trying to reach them on the phone number they’ve listed on the website, I tried the live chat and finally got a response.

The person who responded was professional and nice, but didn’t help me at all. They sent me a plagiarism report that was obviously fake since I checked the paper and found the source they stole it from. They declined my requests for revisions and refunds saying that their plagiarism checker says the paper is original. Incredible, right?

MyPerfectWords Review – Final Thoughts

Some things about the company are excellent, including their services page and the prices they charge. But, if you aren’t infuriated by their fake testimonials or fake big discount at first, you’ll sure end up frustrated with their support and writers.

Because of this, I wont recommend My Perfect Words, as it far from the quality service they present it to be, so I’d definitely go elsewhere for a paper.


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