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First of all, I should tell you a discovery that made my entire idea of PaperRater different – this is not a company that helps you by writing for you. Unlike many of the other companies While writing this Paper Rater review, I realized that this service does not have actual people working behind the website, writing things from scratch for you. In fact, you need to have a ready paper to use the services offered by the AI engine there called Grendel.

If you have a ready paper that you’d like to be rated, stick around to see how trustworthy this company is. If you’re looking for someone to write a paper for you, I’d recommend that you find a real writing service.

Services Review

Once you upload your ready paper into this engine, it takes 5 to 15 minutes for it to do its magic. You get grammar check and spelling check, plagiarism check and writing suggestions. You’ll also get automated scoring on the paper, which should tell you how good or bad your paper is.

These are all the features you get with the free version while, if you pay for the advanced one, you get several more, such as advanced plagiarism checker, file upload, and faster processing.

Prices Review

For an AI tool, this website isn’t free to use – not at all. They seem to have some discount that’s supposed to save you $7.95, but from Paper Rater reviews I’ve read, this isn’t really an occasional offer as they say. It seems to be there since forever, which makes it a tricky marketing strategy.

In my experience with these types of tools, not even that strategy would convince students that a price of $11.21 per month is a good price. For a year, this tool costs $71.55, which is a whopping rate for such a service.

If the features were as great as the website said, I might be able to recommend the site. But, the AI tool or engine, as they call it, is rather plain even with the paid version. Seeing how there aren’t people working here but it’s just a computer, this is still a high price.

Content Quality

You don’t get content here – not really. In fact, lower priced AI tools that offer the same features allow you to write your paper on the website in real time, while fixing things in the process. This one requires you to paste a ready paper in it, or if you pay for the premium option, upload it as a file.

I can, however, discuss the quality of the things offered on this website. I’d call them features, since they are the work of an artificial intelligence bot, not a real person.

Firstly, about the Paper Rater plagiarism checker. To say that the unpaid version has a plain checker is an underestimation. This checker finds nothing, nothing at all. I tried pasting content from an already published paper online and, instead of finding the source, the plagiarism checker said there is no plagiarism in my content!

Secondly, about the grammar checker. This one is fine since they use Grammarly for the purpose. But, why would you go to this site and even pay for their service if you can go to Grammarly and see for yourself? After all, it’s free to use and their paid version is far better rated than this unpopular website.

Don’t even get me started on the auto corrections. These are ridiculous, as you’d expect from an artificial intelligence tool. I hardly got anything I could use in my paper.

As for the scoring, I don’t see how they make this happen. It gave my paper a B, and it was plagiarized completely from a different page. I don’t see how this would get me such a grade.

Customer Support Agents

Well, the people behind the have left an email address where you can contact them. They have even listed work hours and said that they don’t work on weekends.

Two weeks after I contacted them about the issue with their plagiarism checker passed, and no one answered. It’s safe to say that you won’t get a refund if they don’t deliver on their promises.

Paperrater Reviews – Final Thoughts

The idea behind the website is nice, but it isn’t really well practiced. This is one of the higher-priced AI tools for fixing papers, and it isn’t even that good. To be more, no one is there to tell you how their automated grading process works.

Because of this, I cannot recommend Paperrater, as there are plenty of other tools that come at lower or no price and offer the same, even better service than this one.


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