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The first thing I noticed when reading customers testimonials for was the recurrence of complaints about hidden costs. This was strange to me at first, because visitors have access to a full list of prices on the website. But, then I noticed a statement that says ‘The exact cost will be calculated after order confirmation’, and this only intensified our doubts about this matter.

Does this mean that the service charges more than what they say? I learned a lot about while looking at their website, waiting for my paper, and checking the delivered content. If you read this review, you are about to learn a lot, too.

Services Review

The range of papers at Essay-Company is not at all bad, but I wouldn’t call it extensive. With approximately a dozen types of services offered, and the option to order separate dissertation chapters, this is certainly not the company you hire if you order papers on regular basis. You will see in the calculator that the majority of the services comprise the dissertation chapters, and the rest are the most popular papers found in every writing service online.

Still, it does not mean that this is a bad service. On the opposite, there are some companies who prefer to offer a limited range to ensure the quality offered, so you may just be looking at such a company. Unfortunately, the reputation online speaks otherwise, but this is yet to be discussed in this review.

Prices Review

A price of $11.30 for a page of content is a great offer, but look at the list twice! This rate is valid for high school papers within 2 weeks, and how many high school papers are assigned within such a long timeframe? The choice of deadline option for this level is very strange, and it is probably a trick that will give you the impression that this company is very cheap.

Regardless, the prices are still affordable when you eliminate the impossible ordering options, even though it is no longer as cheap. For example, a high school paper is more likely to be assigned within a deadline of a week, and this paper here would cost $15.95 per page. The same paper costs $17.95 for college, $19.95 for undergraduate, $25.95 for Master, and $26.95 for PhD academic level.

If you get the opportunity to add a discount to this offered price, this would be a great investment for quality papers. Unfortunately, the only discount at Essay-Company is the first-time discount of approximately 10%, automatically added to your order.

There is no other discount you can get with this service, not even for a regular customer who orders often.

Content Quality

To check if the issues with the prices were true, I placed an order. After we filled the form and entered the credit card information, I got the final quote the company mentioned. This quote was pretty much the same I thought, but was given the option to choose between the many extra paid features before ordering. Most companies offer these for free, so you may have to pay something extra to get some features with your order. Otherwise, the hidden costs are not such a serious issue, and you still have to confirm the payment before it is sent to the writer.

Still, the content quality was more than concerning, and the prices were no longer the biggest issue I faced. My writer delivered the research paper I ordered within four days instead of five, which was good. But, it looked like he rushed with the writing, because the paper was of very low quality.

Customer Support Agents

The agents I spoke to were very professional and rapid in answering my questions. By stating the low paper quality all I got was a revision, and I had to wait for quite a while to get such an offer from the agent.

Final Thoughts

Low paper quality at in combination with no discounts is bad news about a writing service, especially one with the reputation of hidden costs and strange pricing policy.

Because of this, I’d strongly recommend you to stay away from Essay-Company as the quality of their services is not worth what they charge.


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