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Thepensters presents itself as a ‘brand new kind of a custom writing service’. I constantly looked for new things that make it brand new kind, but what they offer and how they provide it is plain simple, the same as most companies. They probably made this statement because this is a bidding company, but since there are thousands of bidding services just like it that I’ve seen at this point – there’s nothing new about their system, at all!

If you have ever ordered from a bidding company that helps with papers, you know the drill. You make your order and wait for bids and quotes. Then, you pick the quote you can afford and are willing to spend, and you pay the selected writer. What happens next is described below in my Thepensters review.

Services Review

Don’t believe the list given on the website – it is far from exhaustive and far from complete. There is nothing to prevent you from ordering anything you want from a bidding company. On one side, it’s a really big advantage if you need something you can’t find elsewhere. On the other side, no one ever guarantees you that you’ll get bidders or qualified bidders on your order.

Still, it’s a good start, knowing that I can order anything I want and decide how much I’m willing to spend at any time of my academic life. The lower bids sure make students more attracted to the pricing, but since you’re given the chance to choose a writer, you also have the responsibility.

Prices Review

There’s just one indicator about the prices paid on the website – the lowest allowed quote. Writers aren’t allowed to bid under $9 per page for the written content orders. Making a limitation is a good idea, but this price is a bit unrealistic considering that you need academic writing. For it to be of good quality, it should be done by a real expert. I still haven’t found one that works at such low costs.

Even so, when I applied at The Pensters with my order, almost every bid was $9 per page. My deadline was really short, four days away and still, many of their writers chose this quote when they bid. This is the best price I’ve ever received but at the same time, the most obviously misleading quote. I was really concerned about the quality despite the writers’ qualifications, which were surprisingly great. It’s not every day that you get a bid from a writer with a Master’s degree and years of experience for $9 per page for a four-day deadline!

Content Quality

Of course these prices are too good to be true! The writer from who looked like he can’t go wrong with the paper was a fraud. None of the information on his profile was accurate. How do I know this? I know it because the writer was clearly not someone who knew the English language well. It was apparent by the text quality – even the tenses were all mixed up. I started fixing the text right after receiving it, but I gave up half way to reading it completely. Most of it was hard to understand and made no sense. There wasn’t a single reference even though there was quite a lot of data like numbers and facts used. And, when I checked the text on a plagiarism scanner (not the one on their website that’s free to use), it showed over 35% of plagiarism.

To mislead you that you’re getting something 100% original, they have a plagiarism checker that’s offered for free on the website. This checker showed 2% of plagiarism in a paper that was 35,4% plagiarized.

Customer Support Agents

With so many real and frustrating concerns, I reached the support and asked them for help and guidance. Despite my irrefutable proofs that the plagiarism scanner they have on the site is a fraud and that their writer’s profile is as fake as it gets, they rejected all of my requests for a refund. Thepensters offered a revision within 4 days, which is something no student would accept if he wants to meet a deadline.

Final Thoughts

So many things about were bad that I’m still frustrated when thinking about it. A service that is said to be unique and great was a true disappointment to me and apparently, to most that have used it. They are fraudulent in every sense, starting from their writers’ qualifications to their guarantees. The prices sure make you think about buying there, but if you want quality and something original, I’d recommend going elsewhere.

Because of this, Thepensters isn’t a choice I’d make again in terms of any academic help. Even for free.


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