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I honestly have never heard of Studybay before in my life. Opening their homepage was more confusing than reading all those studybay reviews. I am still not sure why they call writing help tutoring, but now I know the main thing about the service – they write papers for students, not tutor them.

Even so, you’ll see that the website of Study Bay speaks of tutoring instead of writing, and tutors instead of writers. It’s a site that works with bidders but in this case, they’re called tutors. You can only imagine how confusing this is for visitors of their website.

When I finally decided to make an order and clear things up for my studybay review, I found out that this is actually a writing service that works with bidders. I don’t see why they chose to mislead their customers.

Services Review

You can order anything you want here, which is a definite plus. However, neither they nor I can guarantee that you’ll get nice bids, or any bids for that matter. It’s all the same with bidding companies. You can get the best prices there are, but you can also get limited bids and not find your writer after all.

I didn’t have that problem when I ordered it. I had bids that were sent within seconds, so I hardly doubt it that they even took a closer look at my paper. Plus, I wasn’t at all specific about the topic and only wrote ‘psychology’ to see if this is tutoring or writing. Some of their writers wrote messages like: ‘I have written that essay exactly’, so it is safe to say that they don’t take any time to read the actual order.

Prices Review

The prices are also something I can’t tell you with certainty. In my case, they were really appealing. Some of the bidders actually gave me quotes of less than $8 for a page and my deadline was in only six days. This is something you hardly get in other companies and still, that’s what I got.

Interestingly, all writers’ profiles appeared amazing and also, a bit fake. Writers with qualifications in different fields applied to my order immediately, so those were the ones I tossed aside immediately. There was none with bad ratings and comments, not even one, which surprised me a lot. It is simply too unrealistic.

Content Quality

I had my doubts about the quality of the paper I’d receive here because of their writers’ profile and the strangely sent bids. I couldn’t expect much from writers who didn’t even bother to read my order and ask for details before they told me they wrote on the same topic. I didn’t even provide the topic at first, so it was really strange.

The quality was no good as I anticipated. The writer definitely lied about his credentials because, with that type of educational background, there wouldn’t be as many mistakes and plagiarism in my essay as I actually found. The only way this kind of service could work if they check their writers’ credentials and make sure that they’re speaking the truth before they let them bid on orders.

Customer Support Agents

I spoke about this matter with the customer support agents hoping that they’d help. The agents took their fair share of time to respond, but the communication was professional. However, they didn’t help a lot. They got in touch with the writer and got me a revision, but it took them a lot of convincing and four days to do this. When I got the revised paper, which was once again not as good as I expected, it has already been a week after my deadline. This would be too late for any student with a deadline.

These agents took care of the revision part, but I expected them to provide me with a refund because of their no plagiarism policy and the fact that their writer lied in his profile. But, from what I read in other people’s testimonials, this happens too often. The company isn’t popular in spite of its really great prices.

Final Thoughts

It’s been a while since I ordered from a bidding company, but this was no different from the most experience I’ve had with this type of services. This can’t work for a service unless they check their writers carefully. I was really happy about pricing system at first because $5 for a page is the lowest I’ve seen, quite literally. However, you can’t expect a lot at that price and see how instantly their writers bid on my order, I should have seen it coming – the results were really bad.

Because of this, I strongly discourage students from ordering papers at StudyBay, as they are failed to deliver quality.



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