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I’ve had my eye on for quite some time before it finally got its turn for a review. I’m always intrigued by the concept of a bidding service that enables you to choose your own writer. It sounds well in theory, but I haven’t found many great bidding services so far.

Unfortunately, EssayWriter didn’t impress me. The writer I hired was incredibly rude and even offended me throughout the communication. The quality of his work wasn’t satisfactory, but he was too arrogant to accept the fact that it needed revisions.

But let’s start the review from the start. I’ll talk about the list of services, prices, and everything else you need to know about the company.

Services Review

The good thing about bidding services is that they can cover a massive list of tasks. They are suitable for students, but for job applicants and business owners as well. Imagine this is a freelance market, where you go and choose the best writer for the particular tasks you have in mind. It may be an essay, dissertation, resume, cover letter, business plan, blog post, or anything else. You say what you need and people capable to complete the project come to apply.

There’s a problem: most bidding services don’t have the capacity of writers to cover all projects they enable their customers to order. On this website, you’ll find information that 1471 writers are part of the team. But I doubt that’s the case. You’ll see a single writer completing papers from social and political sciences, psychology, philosophy, law, health sciences and nursing, history, English and literature, education, and business and management. Let’s be real here: even Leonardo Da Vinci wasn’t skilled in so many subjects.

The conclusion is obvious after a mere examination of the site: EssayWriter doesn’t have experts in its team.

Prices Review

This is a bidding service, so it doesn’t work according to a standard pricing scheme. The writers will make their own bids, based on the complexity of your project, its length and deadline.

In my experience, they kept a standard similar to the one of the best writing services. I got bids above $25 per page for a simple essay with a deadline of 7 days.

There aren’t any discounts here, so customers usually pay a higher price than the one they expect.

Content Quality

For the purposes of my review, I ordered an essay with a topic from social sciences. I requested a 2-page essay with a deadline of 7 days. I chose a writer who offered to do the work for $27 per page. I made this choice because this writer seemed skilled. He had completed several projects from this subject area. At least his profile said so.

I tried contacting the writer throughout the process. You’re allowed to do that, and the company itself brags about the constant communication. The writer was exceptionally rude. He basically told me not to bother him before the deadline. So I stopped sending messages.

He delivered the paper on time. It was bad. Bad is not even a good word for the work I got. It was content that didn’t follow any standard format. I had to write back and explain what an essay was. This was a collection of random sentences rewritten from different blog posts. There was no thesis statement, no arguments, and no proof of arguments. It was a disaster.

Customer Support Agents

You won’t find customer service representatives at this website. You’re supposed to handle things with your writer. In my case, that was impossible. He didn’t even respond to my complaints. I shared my negative feedback, but you’re already guessing it wasn’t featured at the site and it didn’t affect his reputation.

I came across several reviews from students who had the same experience with the site.

Final Thoughts

There’s something that bothered me the most about this website: it’s fake in most part. Go to the pricing section and you’ll see some of the top writers featured as you scroll down. Do a right click on any photo and click “Search Google for this image.” You’ll notice that some photos were “borrowed.” The profiles include links to the Facebook profiles of the writers. Click those links. All profiles are fake. I don’t like being taken for a fool.

I still ordered a paper to test the service for my readers. Let me share my honest recommendation: make a better choice!

Because of this, I don’t suggest anyone get services from, because they are expensive and it doesn’t offer the quality you expect.


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