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RapidEssay.com Review

Apparently, the name of Rapidessay.com is sourced from their ability to write papers fast. Their deadline options go down to four hours, which is an impressive number. However, when I read some rapidessay.com reviews, I couldn’t stop but wonder why this service promotes rapid services so much when they have a bad reputation with the most important thing – the quality.

Quality is essential when you order from a company. So, naturally I was enticed to keep digging to write a realistic rapid essay review. I ended up checking the finely-designed website, checked their pricing and their services, and ended by reading a research paper they delivered. Keep reading to find out about it all.

RapidEssay.com Services Review

I found literally every paper other companies offer in the service list of RapidEssay – and some more. Papers like a journal article, poem, and blog post are unusual for these kinds of services. Maybe a student will be assigned to write a poem (though it’s really rare), but why would they need a blog post for school?

The reality is that this company doesn’t only focus on students as their target audience. It has a wider scope of services than just essays and homework assignments. But for students, it’s important that it has all academic papers – which it definitely does.

This part went well, so I moved on to the next one.

RapidEssay Prices Review

Well, here is the nicest surprise about the service – it is exceptionally cheap! Or at least, when students see a price of $10 for a page and compare it to most companies online, they are thrilled to have found something so cheap.

In my experience, this is never good news. I have come to realize that companies that charge so little cannot afford to hire the best writers like they promise to, so I usually end up with bad papers, bad service, or both.

However, I decided not to rush things until I get my paper. I checked the entire pricing list and realized that their rates are really amazing. The $10 price is only for high school level and a 14-days deadline. For undergraduates enrolled in their third or fourth year, Master’s program students, and Doctoral program students, the longest deadline is a month. The price for a monthly deadline ranges between $17 and $26 per page.

It doesn’t matter what kind of paper you need – these prices stay the same. So even if you have a dissertation, you can order it for $17 to $26 per page. However, this price comes with a requirement for over 30 pages. The rest of the deadline options do not have such limitations.

There’s a statement that says ‘enjoy our discount’ on the homepage, but there are no discounts to be found anywhere. No student has mentioned a discount of any kind in testimonials.

Content Quality

Regardless of their fake discount promise, the prices of Rapid Essay are still brilliant, so I still proceeded to order. But, the outcome was as I feared.

They’ve done a really bad thing with the name. The writer they gave my order actually missed the deadline, which is embarrassing for a company that promises rapid deliveries. To make things worse, his writing was extremely bad. It was supposed to be for a Master’s level, but I wouldn’t submit it even if I were in high school.

It wasn’t just that the quality of writing was bad. It was that the writer’s English was horrendous. Most of the things were impossible to connect and understand. There was also some plagiarism in it – 27% of it.

Customer Support Agents

When I checked all of it and found the plagiarism, I reached out to the support with all the information. I told them about the delay that should have instantly granted me a refund. No, that didn’t work. Then I showed them the plagiarism report, but they said that some plagiarism is understandable. No, it is not and no professor would share this opinion.

As you can imagine, I ended up getting nothing from this support agent, not even an offer for a free revision. Not that it would help if I missed the deadline in the first place!

Rapid Essay Review – Final Thoughts

The really low prices and the big services list can make everyone want to buy here. But, the bad reputation is a grand proof of how big of a mistake that would be.

Because of this, I strongly advise you to not order papers from RapidEssay.com. because behind small rates, this company hides devastating quality and really irresponsible customer support.



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