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Wouldn’t you like to check writer’s samples before they start working on your order? Everyone would, but I did not see how this is actually doable, since the company assigns the writer based on their availability and your requirements. As it turns out, you can check the writers’ samples on the website, but only if you pay extra $5 to do this. So, they will select a writer for you, and charge you to check if he is credible.

I found this to be frustrating, but it is surely not a strong enough reason to walk away. So, I continued my research and wrote a full review for you to read.

Services Review

Services here are very widespread, and is not only a company dedicated to helping students. In addition to aiding you by providing academic papers, they also write press releases, e-mail campaigns, landing pages and blog posts for customers who need them. Add the editing and proofreading services, and you get one of the most extensive lists on the market.

Most companies create extensive lists to meet the needs of their target audience, but this company went further and widened that audience even further. With only a little more than 500 writers on board, I became concerned about their ability to handle so many different types of services.

Prices Review

Interestingly, seems to offer services to almost everyone who needs content and yet, the pricelist is only aimed towards students. Prices are calculated on the basis of number of pages, deadline and academic level.

Based on your number of pages and money you spend on the company, you can get a discount. These discounts are not a part of a loyalty program like the case with other companies is, but they are bulk discounts that start being added to your order if you exceed $500. This is a ridiculous discount offer and almost impossible one to meet. Even if you do, you only get 5% off for $500, and you have to spend over a $1000 and $2000 to get 10% and 15%, respectively!

Fortunately, the prices are affordable to start with, so you may not need these bulk discounts at all. Still, the lack of a loyalty program is an enormous disadvantage for those who plan to order more often, because many other services do offer such benefits.

If you are a new customer hoping to get a special offer, I’m about to disappoint you. Since there is no offer for loyal customers, you cannot really expect to get one as a new one here, too.

Content Quality

Since there are no discounts, I thought “well, at least the quality must be good”. But, the quality is as good as CustomWritings reviews online say it is – it is average.

The amount of plagiarism in it is forbidden in most academic institutions and would get students a very low grade and reputation, so even average may be exaggerating. In addition to this, the writing skills of the writers are poor, which is why I said average in the first place.

Customer Support Agents

Fortunately, the agents on the live chat are very rapid and professional, so I got an approval for a free revision almost immediately. Still, this didn’t help a lot because the writer was apparently ‘not available’ at the moment, so I had to wait for 24 hours for them to be able to reach him. Finally, he got to my paper, but all he did was remove the plagiarism I found and reported, nothing more.

Final Thoughts

The list of services and customer support are the two bright sides of ordering here, but this is far from enough. Without good pricing offers and paper quality, a company is certainly not going to make a lot of customers on this market.

Because of this, I believe that CustomWritings is not a reliable company to work with, and strongly suggest you look elsewhere if you need quality content.


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