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Before I started reviewing Essay Typer, I was a bit confused about what they actually do for their customers. Is it a writing service? Is it a paid program? How does it help you?

If you shared the same opinion as I and thought that these are people who’ll write your papers, you were wrong. Essaytyper is not a traditional writing service. In fact, scratch that – it is not a writing service at all. Once you open the website of EssayTyper, you’ll understand that this is an AI tool that is supposed to help you while you’re writing your paper.

It sounds interesting, but in the end, I realized it is far from what I’ve been looking for. Still, go through my essay typer reviews to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Services Review

When you open the homepage, you’ll find that it’s almost empty. The only thing there is a spot where you have to write the topic of the essay you need, as well as a question at the bottom explaining what the site is.

The first time I read this, I thought that the website helps you when you write your essay by providing you with useful sources and correcting your grammar. This is also what you’d think if you click the question at the bottom.

They recommend that you take this as helpful source and not use it as it is, since that would be plagiarism.
It was only when I wrote down the title and clicked continue that I found out what this is. You get a blank page with a title only and it is not even the title you write on the homepage. When you start typing, an automated text shows up no matter what you click on your keyboard.

So, you actually don’t even get any kind of service. What you get is an automated search and the most approximate topic they could find on Wikipedia. You’ll find a ready essay that, if you copy, will be 100% plagiarized.

Prices Review

Essay Typer is not a priced service. I didn’t expect it to be priced since you can’t basically do anything on the page. You can just read the ready essay they find online for you and not even make changes. Plus, you’d have to click hundreds of times on the keywords for the words to show. The options on the top of the page that seems a lot like an empty word document is just for show. You can’t use them to write your essay, either.

At this point, I already knew why all those essay typer reviews were so negative and confusing. Students complain about the misleading ‘service’ of this website, while it actually gives you the same as a simple Google search would.

Content Quality

I don’t even feel like discussing content quality. Imagine this – a tool that takes your paper title and finds anything similar to it. For example, I was looking for a psychology essay and they gave me an entirely different title that had the word ‘psychology’ in it. If you do this in search engines, it would show the same essay.

The essay wasn’t bad, but I hardly think that’s helpful. It is as if I looked online for essay samples on a similar topic as mine to get inspiration. You can’t even use to write your essay while reading the sample. It might be faster to look for essays there, but I hardly see this as helping when my deadline is rushing me.

Customer Support Agents

There aren’t people working on this website. EssayTyper is a creation of someone who probably wanted to help students, but didn’t do a great job. I can’t see who it is because there’s nothing else on the website, just the things I mentioned above. There isn’t an about us page or any contact whatsoever. So, if I was to rate their support agents, I’d have to give them a big, bold zero.

Final Thoughts

You can’t really give a proper rating to a service that’s not a service. This is just a website that helps you search for existing Wikipedia sources and it is not even a good one. It’s misleading, which is frustrating. It doesn’t help you while you type your essay. Instead, it types an automated, ready essay published online no matter what you click on your keyboard. Yes, it is free to use, but I don’t see myself using this when I can simply use my search engines to do the exact same thing. Google will help you better.

Because of all this, I can’t recommend Essay Typer to those students who are looking for real paper writing help in a limited time. 

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