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When I first saw the website, I wasn’t impressed. I like a bit of color in my life, and this site looks too dark and all serious. But that’s not enough for me to make a judgment, is it? I heard good things about, so I decided to check it out.

It’s a British writing service, which means it’s specialized to cater to the needs of this market. The writers hold degrees from UK universities. The company has been in business for over 14 years, so we’re talking about reputation and prestige.

Of course, I had to order an essay to see how the service performed. Read my review to find out.

Services Review

The services of UK Essays are separated into few categories: essay writing, dissertation writing, report writing, proofreading, and other services (exam revision service, PowerPoint service). In the order form, you’re able to order multiple products. However, there’s no clear list of services, even in the order form. The choices are quite limited.

I found it really interesting that, in addition to a full essay, the service also offers an essay skeleton (outline). That’s not something you can usually get from writing agencies. I think the outline is an incredibly useful service. Some students are not that bad at writing; they just don’t know how to start. The outline will reduce the level of effort they spend on planning and research, and it will help them to start with the writing process in no time. Pretty cool!

Prices Review

You won’t find a clear price chart on this website, and I urge UKEssays to fix that! Yes; there’s a price calculator, which asks you to choose your type of project, level of study, and the grade you desire. Yes, really. The service asks you what grade you want to get with this paper, but at the same time, they cannot guarantee you a specific grade.

As for the prices, they are much higher than expected. The price calculator will launch the quotes for different deadlines. For an essay of an undergraduate level (it’s the lowest quality level available), the lowest price is $176. Yes; really. It’s for an essay of 1000 words. Even if you try to set the mark to a shorter essay, the prices will not change. For longer essays, however, you get higher prices. The highest price for essays is $4,453. That’s for a 1000-words essay of PhD level, delivered on the same day (you don’t get a specific deadline measured in hours). For 1250 words (just 250 words above that minimum), the highest price is $5,566. So the writers charge over $1100 for 250 words. Wait, is this some parallel universe? I don’t think it’s reality!

Oh. My. God. The prices are just crazy.

Content Quality

Good! That’s the only word I can think of when I’m trying to describe the quality I got from this company. The paper was satisfactory in all aspects, including quality, research, structure, and style. The writer took all my instructions into consideration, and it was definitely a paper written from scratch. However, it wasn’t that special for such an extreme price. I’ve received better papers for a much lower price from other services before.

Customer Support Agents

The live chat bothered me while I was browsing through the website. You can’t minimize it, so it’s there to distract your attention. Anyway, the sole fact that the website has a live chat is a good thing. The agents are non-stop there, although they are a bit pushy with their messages, even when you don’t answer them back.

Final Thoughts

I have to mention that there are great free resources at, such as essay and dissertation samples, referencing tips, writing guides, and exam revision guides. I recommend you to check them out, since they are free. The prices are just unreasonably high. I’ve never seen such high quotes for simple essays.

Because of this, I believe that UKEssays is not the right service to work with, and suggest you do not spend money on ordering papers here.


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